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DrTim’s Aquatics Waste-Away Time Release Gels continuously release good bacteria into the aquarium water. These good bacteria consume nitrate, phosphate and organics keeping the tank cleaner and the water clearer. No need for dosing pumps, tubing or connection such unzip the shrink wrap, adhere the provided suction cup and stick the gel in your tank, sump or filter box.

The gels last up to 30 days and will change color to indicate they need to be replaced.

Waste-Away Time Release Gels – How They Work: The gels are full of our Waste-Away Bacteria that are automatically and continuously released into your aquarium to consume nutrients and break down fish waste; keeping your tank clean and water clear. REEF SAFE.


 “Gets into the nooks and crannies of hard to reach areas”  


Simple and Quick: When you are ready to use the gels:                                
1) Unzip the clear wrapper DO NOT REMOVE WRAPPER UNTIL THEN
2) Remove the tab and attach the suction cup (provided)
3) Stick the gel in your tank/filter box/sump where there is the least amount of water circulation.


Recommend: Before using our gels we recommend you clean your tank using DrTim’s Aquatics Waste-Away LIQUID.  Then maintain the tank with our Waste-Away Time Release Gels.


Three Sizes and Two Types: Our gels come in the following varieties and types:
  • Available in Freshwater or Marine (good for all saltwater and reef tanks)
    • Come in a single or double pack
  • Three Sizes:
    • Small – up to 10 gallons
    • Medium – up to 30 gallons
    • Large – up to 75 gallons
Changing the Gel: Our gels last up to 30 days and will change to a tannish color when they need to be replaced. Simply remove the gel, dispose and replace with a new gel.


Why you need to use Waste-Away Gels – Whether your aquarium is freshwater, saltwater or a reef the unintended consequence of much of the filtration on the system is the removal of good bacteria.  We are not talking about the beneficial nitrifying bacteria but a group of free-swimming bacteria in the water. These bacteria consume nutrients, like phosphate and nitrate, along with organics. The nutrient that consume are then no longer available to algae and unsightly bacteria like cyanobacteria.

But skimmers, UV-systems, filter socks and other filtration components remove these good bacteria from the water column but leave behind the nutrients and organics.  Now nuisance organisms that grow on surfaces like algae, hair algae, cyanobacteria, and dinoflagellates have no competition and flourish.  That is why one wrong approach to eliminating cyanobacteria is to get a bigger skimmer – this just removes more good bacteria from the water making the cyano worse.

The key to a getting rid of these nuisance organisms long-term is to add bacteria back into the water.  That is where the Waste-Away Time Release gels come in —  24/7 they release bacteria into the water to replace those that are removed.  Simple, effective and without pumps, dosing devices or tubes the gels provide a constant source of bacteria.

If your tank has a problem with algae, hair algae, cyanobacteria, dinoflagellates and other we recommend that you first use Re-Fresh and liquid Waste-Away to clean-up the tank and get rid of the problem.  Then use the Waste-Away Time Release gels on a regular basis to keep the tank clean and water clear.

The dimensions of the 3 sizes of gels.
The dimensions of the 3 sizes of gels.

Troubleshooting –

  • The water turned cloudy after adding the gel – We recommend you clean the tank, substrate and filter pads before installing a gel.  However, if the aquarium water turns cloudy simply remove the gel and place it in a sealed plastic bag.  Once the cloudiness disappears place the gel bacteria into the aquarium.
  • The gel has cracks – Over time the gel inside the cartridge may develop crack.  This is nothing worry about.
  • Where do I place the gel – Basically, anywhere in the system but not in strong, direct water flow. We also do not recommend placing the gels in a sealed canister filter.  Good places are the filter box of an outside filter, in the sump (after the skimmer), or simply in the aquarium behind a decoration.
  • There is white stuff growing on the gel  – This is good sign – the white stuff is a bacterial biofilm.  You can gentle remove the gel from the tank, wipe off the gel clean and put it back into the aquarium.
  • How do I know when the gel is finished  – When the gel is no longer working and needs to be replaced it will change to white/tan color (see photo below).  The gel will not dissolve.


New gel hanging in tank
Gel may develop a biofilm over time
Expired gel – Notice the change in color to white
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