Aquarium Systems Colour Up Your Tank Vial Set for 150L


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Most corals slowly lose their brilliant colours because they are not getting all the nutrients they need.
This is because corals are filter feeders and normally ingest lots of bacteria, were they get most of their nutrition, from the water. However, because of over skimming and the use of UV sterilisers aquarium water contains very little bacteria.
The solution to this problem is to get nutrients back into the corals with our recommended Colour Up program.
We combine a selection of beneficial bacteria plus a wide range of vitamins, which will then ingested by the corals.
The blend of vitamins and other nutrients will then be utilized by the corals return them to healthy, natural colouration.
Just follow the daily program to return all the coral colouring nutrition to your aquarium. Start the program with the first vial and then use easy to follow guide to achieve fantastic results.
We strongly recommend doing regular water tests and keep using the program all year round.

Colour Up Your Tank – Art. N° 218016 / EAN 3443982180167


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